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Dump Richard Blum, UC Regent

Richard Blum, UC Regent invests in for profit diploma mills. He has convinced UC to invest $53 million in shady outfits that prey on the unemployed, the working class and veterans seeking to remake themselves. Diploma mills are highly profitable because they get their students to take on unmanageable in order to earn virtually useless degrees. Blum has a stake in the failure of public Higher Ed. What is he doing on the UC Board of Regents. This news needs to get out -- and Blum needs to step down from his 12 year sinecure.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Friday, March 5, 2010

For more of Jason's photos click here. Thanks to Elizabeth Allen for forwarding them to me.

Silent Protest Photos

Photos of March 3, 2010 Silent Protest of Black Students Union at UCI.

UC Davis report

Aggie repo.rts on yesterday's protest and actions at UC Davis

more photos of March 4 at UCI

Neon Tommy has photos and video of the UCI March 4 protest. Thanks to Jon Wiener for sending this!

March 4 Brief Wrap-Up

Quick wrap up: UCI 12 noon rally -- very good speakers, articulate, impressive, able to address a wide range of issues from the poverty draft, to undocumented students financial aid, library cut-backs , lay-offs and tuition hikes for graduate students, lay-offs of workers, crippling student loan debt..the admin's false equation of civil disobedience with "racism and incivility." The crowd was angry, motivated and a bit at a loss as to what to do after circling Aldrich Park, trying to encourage by-standers and others to join it. A few leaders at the front led the hundreds onto Campus Avenue, stopping traffic at the footbridge. Some protesters were overturning garbage cans and putting them in the street. At 3 pm, students were back in front of Langson Library, still chanting. That's when I had to go home. This is the culmination of three days of rallies and actions at UCI.

There were only three Irvine PD officers following the stream of protesters through Aldrich Park, but my students told me that police were on campus since 6 am yesterday morning. We are going to be editing together a short film of this week's events, and I will link to it here...The noontime flagpole rally saw well over 1500 in attendance -- the OC Register put the number at 800.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lakoff/CA for Democracy petition

For the CA for Democracy Petition and a list of March 4 events, click here .

UCLA Student Association Vote to Defend Free Speech of Irvine 11

Daily Bruin reports that the UCLA student association, after much deliberation vote to pass a resolution defending the Irvine 11's right to free speech and education.

Monday, March 1, 2010

March 4 Events around UCI

Rally - Noon - UC-Irvine, Flagpole Area next to the Aldrich Administration

UC-AFT Rally speakers: Brook Haley, Lecturer, Amy DePaul, Lecturer,
Mitchell Brown, Librarian.

Wear your union t-shirt or a blue shirt.

Discussion Panel, UC-Irvine: 5:00, Location TBA

UC-AFT panelists: Mitchell Brown, Librarian, and Peg Hesketh, Lecturer.

Community Rally sponsored by CFT - 4:00- 6:00, Fairview Ave in front of
Costa Mesa High School and Orange Coast College. Wear BLUE to show your
support for quality

meeting tomorrow at terrace tops/student center at uci

Tuesday, March 2, 2010
1:00pm - 2:00pm
Terrace Tops, Student Center, UC Irvine

The Irvine Eleven Speak Out, Racial unrest at UCSD, Workers Rights!

Come hear straight from the students who were arrested and many more
speakers. In the past few weeks we have seen students from various
backgrounds unite on one issue: Justice. It is time to show the rest of
the campus community the importance of standing for justice in order to
bring about a university that better represents the morals and ethics we
as individuals strive for.

Speakers include:
Arrested Irvine 11 students.
Jim Lafferty: Director of National Lawyer's Guild
Representative from Black Student Union to discuss ongoing situation at UCSD
Representative from organizers of the March 4th strike in order to fight
tuition hikes and attacks against workers

More TBA....

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Rei Terada: Values and Civility"

Chris's Blog Archives: "Values and Civility"Rei Terada response to the Chancellors Statement...

Judge Goldstone at Yale

Julia Elyachar just sent this report about Judge Goldstone's talk at Yale where he was aggressively heckled and questioned by pro-Israeli protesters and audience members. No disciplinary action was taken against the protestor/hecklers who accused Goldstone of lying about Israel. Goldstone seemed to have thoughtful arguments and refutations against aggressive questions. Goldstone was also unfazed by the heckling whereas Ambassador Oren seemed irritated that he might be a controversial character.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

UC Leaders Denounce Racism, Incivility????? Really??? Is that all you've got????

Read the statement drafted by UCOP and the Chancellors denouncing racism and incivility in one breath. Racism and incivility are incommensurable -- one is associated with a dehumanizing system of exploitation and abuse of power, the other with a code of proper behavior developed by medieval and Renaissance elites. As a system policing proper public and social behavior, civility may have originally served to empower the literate middle classes against the aristocracy, but can be deployed censor challenges to contemporary authority.

Civility may in fact be the face of authoritarianism lite. Dissent can be indeed uncivil without being irrational. Robust dissent is a civic virtue. The opportunistic, anarchistic elements of the student protest movement are not simply uncivil: they want to escalate a confrontation with the authorities so that the University will be destroyed and then re-made. The reactionary backlash against student activism as found in the comments area of the OC Register are crypto fascist and are aimed at destroying the University as well.

Chancellor Drake wanted to remind us of our values in a statement to the UCI campus on Friday, February 26, referring to incidents that occurred at UCSD (the racist frat party) and the riots at Berkeley. He failed to mention, or only implied that the February 25 sit in was part of these series of "unfortunate events" The UCI action was an organized act of civil disobedience to attract attention to a set of demands set forth by a loose coalition called "democratize education." The occupation of Aldrich Hall at UCI is not in any way comparable to what happened either at Berkeley, and especially not comparable to what happened at UCSD. There should be amnesty for the seventeen students and workers arrested at UCI. Chancellor Drake purposefully distorts the situation by confusing the UCI actions with the events at other campuses.

Amnesty should be offered to all the students and workers arrested in recent weeks. All demonstrations on the UCI campus have been peaceful and organized: Drake should recognize civil disobedience as a form of protected speech, which has nothing to do with symbolic targeting of minorities.

The events at UC Berkeley are covered at the Daily Cal .

Friday, February 26, 2010

March 4


March 4th is right around the corner and the local, national and international anticipation for this historic day is growing by the minute. Students, teachers, staff, parents and workers from all over California, the nation and the world have been organizing and building for the Strike andDay of Action. Below is a tentative list of events that will be happening on March 4th in California.

If you have any information to add to the list below, have information onevents from places outside of California or have any questions about March 4th, please email or visit defend public education and tell us what is being planned in your school, workplace, community for March 4th Strike and Day of Action.

In Solidarity,

Jonathan Nunez

Follow-up committee of the October 24th Conference

**Regional Events***

* *
*Los Angeles Regional Rally*

• 3 pm Rally @ Pershing Square (5th & Hill) in downtown L.A.

• 4 pm March from Pershing Square to the Governor’s office

• 5 pm Rally @ Governor’s office (300 Spring St.)

*East Bay/Oakland Regional Rally*
• 12 pm-4 pm Rally @ Frank Ogawa Plaza (in front of Oakland City Hall, 14th &
• March to the Ogawa Plaza Rally from:

-UC Berkeley: 12 pm Rally @ Bancroft & Telegraph, followed by March

-Laney College: 11 am Rally, followed by March

-Fruitvale BART: Assemble @ 11 am, March @ 11:30 am

• Travel to San Francisco Regional Rally (See regional listing below)**

*San Francisco Regional Rally*

• 5 pm Rally @ San Francisco Civic Center

*Sacramento/State Capitol Rally*

• 11 am-1 pm Rally @ State Capitol (North Steps of Capitol)

*San Diego Regional Rally*

• 3 pm Rally @ Balboa Park, followed by March to governor’s office

• 4 pm Rally @ Governor’s office (downtown)

*San Fernando Valley Regional Rally*

• 3:45 pm gathering @ CSU Northridge Sierra Quad

• 4:15 pm March

• 5 pm Hands around CSUN

• 5:30 pm Rally @ CSU Northridge Sierra Quad

*Local Events*

*UC Berkeley*

• 7 am-12 pm Pickets

• 12 pm-1 pm Rally/Action @ entrance to Sproul Plaza (Telegraph & Bancroft)

• 1 pm-3 pm March from UC Berkeley to Oakland’s Ogawa Plaza

• Students, faculty, workers and campus community will travel to San Francisco Regional Rally (See regional listing above)


• 10 am Pickets

• 11:30 am Walk Out

• 12 pm Rally @ Bruin Plaza

(UCLA invites high schools and community colleges in the Westside area to join)

*UC San Diego*

• 11:30 Walk-out & Rally @ Gilman Parking Structure

• 12:30 pm March from Gilman to the Silent Tree outside Giesel Library and
Rally there

• Students, faculty, workers and campus community will travel to San Diego
Regional Rally (See regional listing above)

*UC Santa Cruz*

• 6:00 am Picket at the entrances to campus

• 9:00 am Rally @ main entrance to the campus (Bay and High)**

• 12:00 pm Rally @ main entrance to the campus (Bay and High)**

• 5:00 pm General Assembly @ main entrance to campus (Bay and High)**

*UC Riverside*

• 1 pm gathering @ UCR Bell Tower

• 2:30 pm March from UCR to downtown

• 3:30 pm Rally @ University Ave and Market St. (Downtown Riverside)

*CSU Bakersfield*

• 11:30 am-1 pm @ the Student Union Patio (rain: Stockdale Room in Runner

*CSU Channel Islands*

• Students, faculty, workers and campus community will travel to the San Fernando Valley to participate in San Fernando Valley Regional Rally @ CSU Northridge (See regional listing above)

*CSU Chico*

• 8 am sendoff for students, faculty, workers and campus community traveling to State Capital Rally (See regional listing above)

*CSU Dominguez Hills*

• Students, faculty, workers and campus community will travel to Wilson High School Long Beach and Los Angeles Regional Rally (See Long Beach details below or regional listing above)

• 11 am-1 pm students hold a fair on CSUDH East Walkway (Games to learn about public education costs, access and quality)

*CSU East Bay*

• 12 pm Rally/Open Mic/Speack Out @ Agora Stage

• Students, faculty, workers and campus community will travel to San Francisco Regional Rally (See regional listing above)

*Fresno State*

• 10:30 am March from NW corner of Blackstone and Shaw, go down Shaw to Fresno State

• 12 pm-1 pm Rally @ Peace Garden

*CSU Fullerton*

• Students, faculty, workers and campus community will travel to Los Angeles Regional Rally (See regional listing above)

*Humboldt State*

• 3 pm-5 pm Rally @ Humboldt County Courthouse-Eureka with CSU and K-12 faculty and students

*Cal State Los Angeles*

• 9:30 am Rally @ the USU area (Free Speech area)

• 2 pm March to Los Angeles Regional Rally (See regional listing above)

*CSU Long Beach*

• 12 pm-1 pm Rally @ South Campus, Upper Quad,

• 1 pm-2 pm Parade

• 4 pm Rally with K-12 and Community College (see below)

*Long Beach: Wilson High School*

• 4 pm Rally @ Wilson High School Gymnasium (4400 E. 10th St.)

• Music by Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine, Audioslave, The Nightwatchman)

*California Maritime Academy*

• Students, faculty, workers and campus community will travel to San Francisco Regional Rally and Sacramento/State Capitol Rally (See regional isting above)

• 12 pm Street Theatre/Mock “Die-In” @ Maritime’s main quad

*CSU Monterey Bay*

• 11 am-1 pm Rally/March

• Followed by car-pools to Community Rally

• 4 pm Community Rally @ Colton Hall (570 Pacific St. between Madison &

- Contact: Kat General, 415-728-8927
*CSU Northridge/San Fernando Valley Regional Rally*

• 3:45 pm gather @ CSU Northridge Sierra Quad

• 4:15 pm March

• 5 pm Hands around CSUN

• 5:30 pm Rally @ CSU Northridge Sierra Quad

*Cal Poly Pomona*

• 1:30 pm- 2:30 pm Send off Rally @ - as CFA members, students and campus community board buses for Los Angeles Regional Rally (See regional listing above)

*Sacramento State*/*Sacramento/State Capitol Rally*

• 11 am-1 pm Rally @ State Capitol (North Steps of Capitol)

- Contact: Kevin Wehr, 916-541-2125

*CSU San Bernardino*

• 11:30 am March @ Marquee entrance (NW corner of University Pkwy and
Northpark Blvd)

• 12 pm Rally @ Pfau Library

*San Diego State*/*San Diego Regional Rally*

• 11:30 am-12:00 pm collect video testimonials from students and campus community next to Aztec Center (Large “scoreboard” showing the loss of students, teachers and classes at SDSU due to budget cuts)

• 12:00 pm Rally by Aztec Center

• Students, faculty, workers and campus community will travel to San Diego Regional Rally (See regional listing above)

*San Francisco Sate*

• 7 am Campus Shutdown

• Students, faculty, workers and campus community will travel to San Francisco Regional Rally (See regional listing above)

*San Jose State*

• 11 am gather at San Jose City Hall

• 11:45 am March to San Jose State Tower Lawn (7th Street Plaza entrance)

• 12 pm Rally @ San Jose State Tower Lawn

*Cal Poly San Luis Obispo*

• 3:30–5 pm Rally @ Office of state Senator Abel Maldonado (1356 Marsh St., San Luis Obispo)

*CSU San Marcos*

• 10:30 am-11:30 am Teach-in on State Budget @ Academic Hall (ACD) 102 (simulcast to other classrooms)

• 12 pm-1 pm Rally @ Kellogg Library

*Sonoma State*

• 11:30 am Student Walk Out

• 12:00 pm-1:30 pm Rally near Stevenson Quad

*CSU Stanislaus*

• 11:30 am-1pm Rally @ campus Quad

* *

Original list compiled by Steve Seltzer

Modified by Jonathan Nunez

Bob Meister's Talk at UCI

Link to Bob Meister's talk at UCI...There is more .

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Study-in at Langson Library

Click here to find out more about a Study-in occupation of UCI's Langson Library on Friday, February 18. I think it would be good to be there a bit before 5:00 pm.

Friday, February 12, 2010

March 4 and Petition

Click HERE to sign a petition to defend the master plan and find information about the March 4th protests!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

counter cartographies at unc

Check out this project by counter cartographies at UNC Chapel Hill.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

teach-in tomorrow

"UC and Public Higher Education: A Teach-In with George Lakoff,
California State Senator Loni Hancock, and Jesse Cheng"

Thursday, January 14, 4-6 PM *1030 Humanities Gateway (*new location)

SENATOR LONI HANCOCK, Democrat from Oakland, represents the regions of
Alameda, Albany, Berkeley, Castro Valley, Dublin, El Sobrante,
Emeryville, Livermore, Oakland, Piedmont, Richmond, and San Pablo.
She has compiled an impressive record of legislation supporting the
environment and education. Recently, she was appointed to the new
"Joint Select Committee on Reform," a special legislative committee
set up by Assembly Speaker Karen Bass and Senate President Darrell
Steinberg to address the crisis in California's tax system. For more
information, see her website:

PROFESSOR GEORGE LAKOFF teaches cognitive and neural linguistics at UC
Berkeley. He is best known to humanists for his ground-breaking
collaborations with Mark Johnson, --Metaphors We Live By, and
--Philosophy of the Flesh--. In response to the UC budget crisis,
Professor Lakoff has shown exemplary leadership, taking the initiative
to promote a referendum that would return the California legislature
to the classical majority vote and eliminate the 2/3rd rule that has
crippled the state. For more information, see: or

JESSE CHENG is the student-regent to the UC Board of Regents and an
Asian American Studies major at UCI. He has also served as external
chair for the Asian Pacific Student Association, executive vice
president-elect for the Associated Students of UC Irvine, Academic
Senate representative for the Council on Education Policy and the
chair of the UC Student Fee Advisory Committee. Having attended the
UC Regents meetings for the past academic year, he has special insight
into their handling of the plight of students.

Please join us for this important event!

Free and open to the public. For more: or