Monday, September 21, 2009

9-24-09: FAQ's

UCI Day of Action: A Note from Concerned Faculty
Defend UCI
Sept 24, 2009

1. What do we hope to achieve with the UC walk out?
For faculty the walk out is a way to call attention to the current budgetary crisis at the University of California. This crisis will lead to a wholesale restructuring of the University. We believe that instead of being spectators to this process, we have to be actors, and that in order for us to act effectively, we need to know the facts and the history of the present crisis.
2. Where can I find these facts?
We have assembled the most objective information on the crisis in a document called “Understanding the Budget Crisis at UCI” which can be accessed through Many people will also receive similar information by regular mail or flyers.
3. Why does the walk out fall on the first day of class?
The walk out is a system wide initiative. We did not choose the day. But we think it is important that all campuses have a coordinated action.
4. Does the walk out mean that teachers and students do not go to class?
No. Students have to be in class the first day to register in that class. Once in class, the teacher can invite students to participate in the walk out or may prefer to hold class regularly. The teacher may also want to invite students to discuss the current situation for a few minutes. Whatever the decision of the teacher is, we respect it.
5. Is the walk out the only opportunity to show your support for this initiative?
No. Instructors are also invited to discuss the issue with students throughout the coming year. We believe that the information assembled at can be instrumental to this end.
6. What comes next?
We hope that throughout the coming year, professors and students will continue to inform themselves about the crisis. Just reading the documents assembled in the blog is a form of participating. After that you may want to take other action: talk to your colleagues, to your friends, to your parents. Share with them the information you now have. Ask them to write to UC President Mark Yudof and to state representatives.
7. Is this politicizing the classroom?
For many years one of the main goals of the university has been the education of responsible citizens able to contribute to the common good. By undertaking this action, we are continuing to fulfill the university's critical mission.